Just a handful of the 300+ contemporary photographs held by the archive

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Photo ONE

Shown in her original (as commissioned) intermediate disruptive pattern camouflage, this photograph was taken in March 1942, almost certainly at Scapa, by Royal Navy official photographer Lt C J Ware. 

An Admiralty Official photograph, it was incorrectly captioned (and can still be found in published works as such) -

 "HMS Tetcott - Hunt Class destroyer, underway in coastal waters during a convoy to Russia". 

Photo TWO

Taken off Beirut in July 1942, HMS Tetcott has now lost the disruptive pattern camouflage, replacing it with two-tone grey with the addition of her pennant number (L99) on both port and starboard.

Note the Type 285 gunnery radar atop the HACS Mark IV Director, just behind the bridge.

Note also the twin torpedo nets behind Tetcott.


A later photograph of Tetcott - probably taken in 1944, Mediterranenan (actual location unknown). 

The most noticeable difference is the removal of the searchlight amidships and the installation of Type 271 radar in its place.  A surface warning radar, the set was distinctive in that the aerial was contained within a latern type construction (which can be seen in the photograph). 

Photo FOUR

HMS Tetcott, taken after July 1945 on completion of the refit (prior to expected service in the Far East) at Gibraltar. 

To provide addition AA defence, the refit included removal of the 20mm Oerlikons in the bridge wings and the addition of two single Mk.III handworked 40mm Bofors, one on the quarterdeck and one (visible in the photograph) ahead of the bridge, atop the captain's day cabin.