Just a handful of the 300+ contemporary photographs held by the archive

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Photo FIVE

Taken on the outward journey to the Mediterranean, the photo shows eight ratings and a Petty Officer on Tetcott's Pom-Pom deck.

Unusually, Tetcott's Pom-Pom appears to have been fitted with additional armour to the rear (not fitted to other Hunts)

Photo SIX

Recieving mail from sister-ship HMS Beaufort (taken from a set of three photo's).  Similar to Tetcott, like all Hunts, numerous 'modifications' and additions were made when neccessary, making almost every ship slighly different.  Beaufort has an extra Carly Float on the After Deckhouse and, although unclear in the photo, she has a sleeved funnel extension.


Tetcott - 'Making Smoke'.   

Careful examination of the photo would seem to indicate that the ship was at Action Station - the Pom-Pom is manned as is 'X' Gun.

The photo gives a good view of the Searchlight as well as the Whaler and, beyond, one of the Carley Floats. 


HMS Tetcott, oiling at sea, Mediterranean c. late 1943.  The tanker is unidentified but her appearance (her arrangement, funnel, height and hull) would point to her being one of the 93 requisitioned from the British Tanker Company in 1939.

Note also the manned Oerlikons aboard the tanker whilst Tetcott's port Oerlikon in the bridge wing is unmanned and faces skyward...

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