The dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan brought to an end the war in the Pacific, leaving large numbers of warships of all kinds in various stages of refit. The plan had been to send 20 Hunts to the East Indies Fleet and another 13 to the Pacific Fleet - including Tetcott. With the end of the war, those already under refit were either completed or had their modifications cut short. Consequently, Tetcott, still awaiting her refit, was reduced to Category 'B' Reserve on 17 January 1946, and returned to Portsmouth later that same year.

On 3 April 1948 Tetcott was reclassified as 'A1' Reserve, (ship to be fully maintained and at 14 day's notice for full operational status) but, three months later on 29 July 1948, she was reduced to 'A2' Reserve (as before but needing refit or docking to bring her up to 14 day's notice for operational service).

On 4 November 1952, an announcement was made that Tetcott would be laid up in a state of preservation at the Penarth Pontoon, Slipway and Ship Repairing Co Ltd at the historic Penarth Docks. However, the plan did not reach fruition and the following year she was towed to Gibraltar and remained there for some two years. In September 1955 she was towed back to the UK and laid up at Barrow in Furness alongside many of her sister ships already lying there. Relegated to Extended Reserve (to be de-stored, partially de-equipped and laid up without maintenance and approved for disposal), Tetcott's days were now numbered.

On 6 January 1956 she was downgraded to the status of a hulk and was no longer regarded as being part of the Reserve Fleet. Eight months later, on 10 August 1956 after the remainder of her valuable equipment had been removed, Tetcott was made available to the British Iron and Steel Corporation (BISCo) for disposal. On 22 September 1956 she was towed from Barrow arriving at the yard of T W Ward, Milford Haven, two days later for dismantling. Finally, on 9 April 1957 - almost 17 years since she was laid down - BISCo confirmed that the dismantling of HMS Tetcott had been completed.