The North Devon Journal, Thursday 19 October 2006


The sun shines for the brave Tetcott veterans


Fortune favours the brave and so the sun shone brightly in the veterans of HMS Tetcott on Saturday October 7th as they attended their special day of commemoration with ceremonies in both Tetcott and Holsworthy.

I have no doubt that a massed rank of inter-denominational clergy had put a good word or two in the right place as well, thus proving the truth in the old adage "strength in unity".

I was pleased to see Holsworthy was united in paying tribute to our distinguished quests with some wonderful shop window displays and a large crowd present, in support.

Doubtless the proceedings will have been reported in depth elsewhere in the press but, as a trustee of Holsworthy Museum, I played a very small snd peripheral role on the day and I must say that it was an enormours privilege to meet and mingle with the gallant survivors and their supporters.

I found taking part in the parade and wreath laying ceremony incredibly moving, particularly when a spontaneous ripple of applause burst from the crowd lining Fore Street as the veterans marched past.

It seems to be unfashionable to be proud to be British nowadays, but I defy anybody not to feel a patriotic stir when they see elderly gentlemen of this calibre with their chests full of hard-earned medals...


Richard Brown