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N.B. This chronology is a working document, being added to and amended constantly as and when new information comes to light 


2nd  PORT SAID (Departure ?)


3rd ALEXANDRIA (Departure 7/1)

4th–6th  At ALEXANDRIA

7th–11th  ALEXANDRIA to MALTA with convoy - Convoy MW 19

11th  MALTA (Departure 24/1)

12th–24th  At MALTA.  Boiler cleaning and repairing weather damage

25th–26th  MALTA to TRIPOLI - Deployed with HM Cruiser ORION, HMS KELVIN and HM Destroyer JERVIS to meet incoming convoy (MH 3) from Alexandria

26th  MALTA (Departure ?)

? TRIPOLI (Departure 29/1)

27th  At TRIPOLI

28th–29th  TRIPOLI to TOBRUK

29th  TOBRUK (Departure 30/1)




1st–2nd  TRIPOLI to ALEXANDRIA - Rescue of survivors from HMS WELSHMAN off SOLLUM - TETCOTT and BELVOIR rescue the captain, five officers and 112 ratings.  Over 150 men and one American war correspondent lost

2nd  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 6/2)

3rd–5th   At ALEXANDRIA


9th-10th Escort to Convoy XT 2 (Detached from MW 20A)

10th  TRIPOLI (Departure 10/2)

11th  MALTA (Departure ?)

12th–13th  At MALTA

14th–18th  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA - Convoy ME 17

18th  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 23/2)

19th–22nd  At ALEXANDRIA



26th–28th  At ALEXANDRIA

MARCH 1943


5th  TRIPOLI (Departure ?)

6th–7th   TRIPOLI to TOBRUK

7th  TOBRUK (Departure 8/3) - 'arrived in Tobruk at 14:00, Oiled, stayed all night'

8th–11th   TOBRUK to TRIPOLI - 'Proceeded to sea at 04:30 with Exmoor and convoy of two ships.  Exmoor dropped depth charges at 16:00'

9th  'Weather calmed down during morning. Convoy of two ships and 3 Asdic trawlers joined us at 1330, speed 7kts. Sea became very rough during middle'

11th  'Entered swept channel at 8-30. Arrived in harbour at 1-30. Air raid started at 8pm. Lasted for half an hour. Very heavy barrage'

12th–14th   TRIPOLI to TOBRUK

14th  TOBRUK (Departure 14/3)

15th–16th  TOBRUK to ALEXANDRIA - 'Proceeded to sea at 1-15 with convoy of emptys to Alex, clocks went on 1hr at 1pm'

16th  LEVANT (ALEXANDRIA) (Departure 16/3)


18th–20th  ALEXANDRIA to TOBRUK and ordered back

20th  ALEXANDRIA (Departure ?)

21st–9th April  At ALEXANDRIA refitting

26th  Rescue of crew from HMS DERWENT beached in TRIPOLI

 APRIL 1943



15th  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 17/4)

17th–23rd   ALEXANDRIA to MALTA - Convoy MW 26

19th  'Submarine reported. Aircraft dropped depth bombs. Also Tetcott and Dulverton nothing happening'

21st   'Tetcott opened fire on our own aircraft at 1130'

22nd  TRIPOLI (Departure 22/4)

24th–25th  MALTA to TRIPOLI

23rd  MALTA (Departure 24/4)

25th TRIPOLI (Departure 26/4)

26th-27th Escort to Convoy TX 9 (From Tripoli to join up with Convoy ME 24)

26th–2nd May  TRIPOLI to PORT SAID

 MAY 1943

2nd  PORT SAID (Departure 2/5)


4th–7th At ALEXANDRIA.  Exercises at sea

6th  PORT SAID (Departure 6/5)

7th  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 7/5)



10th  Picked up several boatloads of escaping troops from NORTH AFRICA

10th–11th  From MALTA to patrol off CAPE BON.  Operation RETRIBUTION - TETCOTT, DULVERTON and the Greek MIAOULIS captured the small Italian hospital ship "Laurana" (391 Gross tons). Escorted by TETCOTT back to SOUSSE for examination

12th  SOUSSE (Departure 12/5)

12th–13th  SOUSSE to MALTA with Italian H.S. LAURANA - TETCOTT escorted LAURANA to Malta where they arrived the next day. Earlier in the day (12th), TETCOTT, DULVERTON AND MIAOULIS had intercepted another Italian hospital ship the TOSCANA on her way to Kelibia (which unbeknown to her had already fallen in Allied hands) but she was allowed to return to Trapani

13th MALTA (Departure 17/5)

14th–17th At MALTA

18th–22nd  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA

22nd  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 26/5)

23rd–25th  At ALEXANDRIA

26th–29th  ALEXANDRIA to MALTA

29th  MALTA (Departure 29/5)

30th–3 June  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA

 JUNE 1943

4th–10th  At ALEXANDRIA


15th  TRIPOLI (Departure 16/6)

16th–17th  TRIPOLI to MALTA - Transferred to Malta for preparation of HUSKY landings

17th  MALTA (Departure 19/6)

18th  At MALTA

19th–20th  MALTA to TRIPOLI

21st  At TRIPOLI.  Visit of H.M. King George VI at TRIPOLI

? TRIPOLI (Departure 22/6)

23rd-28th  TRIPOLI to PORT SAID - Convoy KMS 16 (departed Gibraltar 16 June 1943, arrived Port Said 28 June 1943), 121 MV's


30th  ALEXANDRIA (Departure 3/7)

 JULY 1943

1st–2nd  At ALEXANDRIA

3rd  17:50. Escort to convoy MWS-26, a slow MT convoy of 32 ships and 11 escorts

4th  At daylight the convoy is pretty well closed up.  19:30.  A division of the Battle Squadron are sighted ahead and pass close to the convoy on their way to Alex.  WARSPITE, VALIANT and INDOMITABLE with a strong destroyer screen

5th  We spend the forenoon transferring W/T crystals from one merchant ship to another

6th  11:30.  We are ordered to take charge of the A/S Sweep and search with BELVOIR until noon on 7th for U-Boat which had torpedoed the SHAJEHAN - without result

7th  16:30.  We rejoin MWS-26 until detached at 21:00 to Benghazi for fuel 

8th  We sail from Beghazi and at 10:00 join MWF-26 – a fast convoy of 19 large transports

9th  Many convoys from East and West converged south of Malta, apparently undetected and, as we headed towards the beached on the south-east corner of Sicily that evening, the wind freshened, making life uncomfortable for the small landing craft; but happily it became flat calm around midnight

10th–11th  A/S Patrol off AVOLA and bombardments to cover assault

10th  At 00:55 I proceeded ahead at 6 knots acting in accordance with orders.  I was unable to hear the Asdic buoy but obtained a fix by the light of aircraft flares dropped in the heavy raid on SYRACUSE.  This put me about three miles off shore but half a mile to the Northward of my correct position.  In the light of later events it is likely that I was in my correct position and that I sent the landing craft in half a mile too far south

The first wave of landing craft passed me at 02:00 followed by the second at 02:37.  These were followed by two more landing craft who said that their compasses were broken so at 02:45 I closed the coast with these two landing craft in company

As surprise had not apparently been lost on JIG Beach, although it was after zero hour I did not close nearer than two miles from the coast until 04:15, when a searchlight apparently at the northern end of JIG Beach started giving trouble.  I decided not to open fire as I could see our own troops were very close and I should probably have done more harm than good.  At 05:10 I closed the coast looking for batteries to engage and opened fire on battery target No.S2. This had the effect of taking his fire off the beaches on to me, but it was very poor and nothing fell within 1,000 yards of me

I then saw that battery target No.S1 was giving trouble on the beaches and opened fire on him at 05:59, followed by HMS MAURITIUS about two minutes later.  I ceased fire so as not to confuse MAURITIUS and went back to my former target (S2) who was again giving trouble on the landings and opened fire.  As a result this battery stopped firing and was not seen to fire again until at least 09:45, when I went on Anti-Submarine patrol, although the battery was carefully watched

At 06:35 a battery of three guns about half way between the plotted positions of S1 and S7 opened fire on the beaches, and so I closed in nearer the shore and opened fire on him at 06:41.  This had the effect of silencing the battery who also was not seen to fire again until I left the beach, this battery being also carefully watched

Unfortunately I was unable to get into either W/T or V/S touch with my forward observation officer.  As a result I was unable to open fire on what appeared to be a small mortar in a factory about half a mile to the south of Avola.  At 09:45 I was ordered to reinforce the anti-submarine chain patrol and took charge of the Northern portion.  Nothing of interest occurred until about 16:00 when fire was opened on a number of single enemy planes who had been bombing the beaches.  Intermittent firing continued for some minutes

At 19:10 several fighter-bombers flew low past the stern presenting an excellent target for Pom-Poms and Oerlikons.  One bomb was jettisoned about a quarter of a mile on my port quarter and one aircraft came down to the Northward of Cape Murro di Porco

Anti-submarine patrol continued during the night without incident except for HMS EXMOOR being apparently near missed during the dusk bombing attack.  I arranged for white smoke to be made by ships on the inboard leg of the patrol during the dusk period and a guard was kept all night on type 285 searching for E-Boats and/or low flying aircraft. We thought we shot down one that day and another the next morning

11th Commando landing and bombardment of AUGUSTA

11th  05:00.  During the dawn air raid, I am in the director and get a bit of shooting.  Several Junkers 88’s come over, and we manage to bring one down.  I didn’t see him crash myself, but am told that they did on the bridge.   10:45.  A sudden burst of firing from the merchant ships.  Then we see a periscope darting through the water.  It surfaces for a bit and then dives.  From the director I shout.  Definitely Submarine.  We chase after it but then see that it is only the wire from an escaped balloon being trailed through the water. Throughout the remainder of the day there were spasmodic raids and we opened fire on several occasions without result.  Otherwise we just went round and round the Madhouse.  This A/S patrol is getting a bit boring after the excitement of the first few hours and we all hope for something a bit more exciting tomorrow

All seems to be going well ashore, though we haven’t much news of the situation.  Syracuse is definitely captured, and all our men seem to have got ashore with little opposition, and we are holding the south east corner of the island without difficulty

12th Commando landing and bombardment North of AUGUSTA.  Sank one E Boat - We were detailed to escort an assault ship with Commandos for a raid on AUGUSTA.  We went into the bay within half a mile of the shore when two gun batteries started shelling the ships and landing craft.  More bombardment which silenced them both and an hour after the landing, the Commandos signalled ‘Whoopee, Augusta Captured!’  During the brisk action we fired 240 rounds of 4”, 500 of Pom Pom and about 1,000 of Oerlikon in 20 minutes

13th After another day of anti-submarine patrol, we were sent on another Commando raid north of Augusta the following night and again escorted landing craft onto the beach.  This time they met quite stiff opposition from German troops and called for more bombardment help - No.3 Royal Marine Commando landed at Agnone from 23:00 to seize the Ponte dei Malati near Lentini; gunfire support was lent by TETCOTT alone. The unit suffered extremely heavy casualties on the ground (almost one half out of 350 men) but reached its goal.  Shortly after midnight E-Boats were reported in the area.  We soon detected them by radar and after a short and exciting chase, sighted and sank one with gunfire - a half-hour after midnight, the two Italian MS 63 and 71, coming in from Giarre and bound for S. Panagia to land about ten saboteurs (arditi) sighted PRINS ALBERT and attacked her with torpedoes which missed the target. HMS TETCOTT reacted with gunfire, without causing any damage, and the two MS returned to base without landing the saboteurs. At dawn we took the assault ship into SYRACUSE and stayed there as anti-aircraft guard ship

13th–14th At SYRACUSE

14th We have no orders, but intercept a signal from P.A. and one Hunt entering Syracuse at daylight, so in we go.There are quite a lot of ships in harbour, including LARGS, flagship of F.O. Sicily.  We anchor in the north west corner of the harbour and remain at Action Stations as A.A. Guardship until CARLISLE arrives at 10:30

15th I sailed from Syracuse at 10:15 and returned to the anti-submarine patrol of ACID beach, placing myself under the orders of HURWORTH.  I stayed here until the early morning of Saturday 17th July.  Nothing of interest occurred except that I opened fire with umbrella barrage whenever I could during the night air raids, and I was near missed once with small bombs

15th–17th A/S patrol off CAPE PASSARO

16th  Round the madhouse all day, everything is very quiet.  Really this is getting quite boring and everyone is thinking of getting back to Alexandria

17th 07:00.  We move down the coast a little to join DULVERTON in BARK EAST area.  We are due to take a convoy with them today by orders. 08:00.  We go alongside DULVERTON for the Captain to have a chat with Commander (D), we find that they have seen very little of the war and have only fired at aircraft.  They have been on A/S patrol ever since the beginning of the operation. 12:30.  We go alongside DULVERTON again to transfer some ammunition.  She has more than us and is taking the first half of the convoy tonight, while we wait till tomorrow or the next day for the remainder. The patrol of BARK is much the same as in ACID, but less happening.  We are just off Cape Passaro now and there are hardly any air raids

18th CAPE PASSARO to MALTA, returned to SICILY - I maintained patrol until 12:00 when I sailed for Malta to refuel and reammunition, after having had the quietist night since my arrival off Sicily.  I sailed again at 17:00 with HHMS PINDOS under my orders, arriving back at BARK patrol at 20:15

19th TRIPOLI (Departure ?)

19th After another quiet night on patrol I joined Captain D21, MENDIP, and I proceeded towards Tripoli under his orders.  At 11:15 I received orders from the Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean to proceed to Malta and arrived there with HHMS PINDOS in company at 14:45

20th At MALTA - 16:00.  We sail with a two-ship convoy for Alex at 15 knots, the remainder of our group don’t leave Tripoli till tomorrow at 7 knots!

21st-23rd  Escorted a convoy from MALTA back to ALEXANDRIA and a welcome boiler clean

24th–2nd Aug  At ALEXANDRIA



8th  AUGUSTA (Departure 8/8)

8th–9th  At MALTA

10th–11th  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA

12th–24th  ALEXANDRIA to MALTA

14th ALEXANDRIA (Departure 19/8)

19th-25th Escort to Convoy MKF 22 (Departed Port Said 19 August 1943, arrived Clyde 9 September 1943) 20 MV's

24th  MALTA (Departure ?)

25th  At MALTA

26th–29th  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA

30th–31st  At ALEXANDRIA


1st–5th  ALEXANDRIA to TRIPOLI - H.H.M.S. PINDOS (emergency destroyer) followed by H.M.S. TETCOTT and H.M.S. BEAUFORT were sent to reinforce the escort of U.G.S. 14 which was due to reach Alexandria the next day

2nd  H.M.S. DULVERTON (5th Destroyer Flotilla), H.M.S. EXMOOR, H.M.S. BELVOIR, H.M.S. HURSLEY, and H.H.M.S. ADRIAS left harbour at 0715 and having been joined by H.M.S. TETCOTT, H.M.S. BEAUFORT, and H.H.M.S. PINDOS, whose passage with U.G.S. 14 had been uneventful, proceeded for bombardment of Ras El Kanayis at 1530. No aircraft or observers were available at H.M.S. GREBE for marking, but the ground had been surveyed beforehand and F.B.O.’s and B.L.O. under training cooperated.  On Completed at 1830, destroyers proceeded to carry out an anti submarine sweep along the route of convoy X.T. 1 as far as the longitude of Benghazi.  Aircraft of 201 Naval Cooperation Group cooperated

5th  H.M.S. DULVERTON (5th Destroyer Flotilla), H.M.S. BEAUFORT, H.M.S. EXMOOR, H.M.S. TETCOTT, H.M.S. BELVOIR, H.H.M.S. PINDOS concluded the A/S sweep off the “Hump” and proceeded to Tripoli (L) passing under the operational control of the Commander in Chief, Mediterranean for escort duties in the impending landings South of Naples (Operation AVALANCHE)


8th  01:00.  We leave the convoy and go into Palermo for fuel,   09:00.  leave to join up with the convoy again steaming northwards to the Gulf of Salerno.  Dusk comes and goes without incident, but later an air raid on the convoy starts after one of the landing craft caught fire. Lots of flares, but not very many bombs at first and no one is hit. We make smoke and are immediately singled as a nice target.  One bomber dives and the bombs land well astern in the smoke. The bombs, three of them, land fairly close on the bow, but don’t seem to explode

9th  PALERMO to SALERNO with Invasion Convoy - 01:30.  We leave the convoy, and start our patrol.  When the personnel ships are emptied, we gather them into a convoy, and off we go

10th–11th  SALERNO to ALGIERS 

10th  We sight Battleships; the Italian Fleet, having surrendered, was being escorted to MALTA and passed within a mile of us.  Smartly painted, not surprising as they were so reluctant to put to sea

11th  ALGIERS (Departure ?)

12th–13th  ALGIERS to BIZERTA

13th  BIZERTA (Departure 14/9)

14th–15th  BIZERTA to SALERNO

16th  Patrol off SALERNO

17th–19th  SALERNO to BIZERTA


21st–23rd  At AUGUSTA







? CATANIA (Departure 29/9)

29th  ‘Via Augusta swept Channel.  36th Escort Group – ‘T’ has not yet returned from Taranto area.  Expect she sail to Bizerte from Augusta 30/9’

30th–2nd October  MALTA to ALEXANDRIA

30th  BIZERTA (Departure ?)


October- November - Transferred to Alexandria for convoy escort and support of operations in the Aegean islands after surrender of Italian Government. Took part in interception of craft carrying German troops. Transferred to 22nd Destroyer Flotilla base in Malta

2nd ALEXANDRIA (Departure ?)

3rd–10th At ALEXANDRIA.  Boiler cleaning and docking

6th FAMAUGUSTA (Departure ?)

? ALEXANDRIA (Departure 11/10)


12th FAMAUGUSTA (Departure 12/10)

12th–13th LIMASSOL to DODECANESE ISLANDS. On Patrol with HMS CROOME - H.M.S. TETCOTT and CROOME from Limasol passed north of Rhodes having swept to the East of Leros lay up in Turkish waters. At 2130 they embarked 144 wounded at Alinda Bay, Leros.


14th FAMAUGUSTA (Departure 15/10)


16th ALEXANDRIA (Departure 18/10)


18th–22nd ALEXANDRIA to TARENTO via AUGUSTA - Convoy X.I.F. 2 a left Alexandria a.m. consisting of 6 personnel ships, escorted by H.M.S. COLOMBO (S.O.), TETCOTT, CROOME, and joined convoy M.K. 25 off Shoulder Buoy, being routed in company to Augusta.

22nd TARENTO (Departure 22/10)

23rd–26th TARANTO to ORAN via AUGUSTA - Convoy MKF 25 (Departed Port Said 17 October 1943, arrived Clyde 4 November 1943) 39 MV's

26th ORAN (Departure 30/10)

27th–29th At ORAN


31st–2nd November  ALGIERS to GIBRALTAR


? GIBRALTAR (Departure 3/11)


4th ALGIERS (Departure 6/11)

6th–11th ALGIERS to PORT SAID - Convoy KMF25A (departed Liverpool 27 October 1943, arrived Alexandria 11 November 1943) 26 MV's, picked up by TETCOTT, HAYDON, H.H.M.S. KANARIS, and THEMISTOCLES

12th ALEXANDRIA (Departure 12/11)



14th At ALEXANDRIA. Lt Cdr RYCROFT left Ship.  Lt Cdr HARKNESS Joined



17th LIMASSOL to DODECANESE (Ordered back after 3 hours)

18th LIMASSOL to DODECANESE (Ordered back after reaching RHODES) - H.M.S. PATHFINDER, HAYDON, and TETCOTT, escorted by H.M.S. PENELOPE until 1730 left Limasol for the Aegean, but were recalled after dark to Alexandria.  They arrived in the forenoon in company with H.M.S. FURY, EXMOOR, and O.R.P. KRAKOWIAK escorting H.M.S. ROCKWOOD during her successful tow by H.M.S. BLENCATHRA.




? FAMAUGUSTA (Departure 22/11)

22nd ALEXANDRIA (Departure 3/12)

23rd–3rd December  At ALEXANDRIA


Flotilla deployment in Central Mediterranean in continuation for convoy escort and patrol. Nominated for support of allied landing at Anzio

4th–7th ALEXANDRIA to TOBRUK (A/S Patrol off LIBYA)

7th TOBRUK (Departure 9/12)


9th-10th  Escort to Convoy GUS24 (Departed Port Said 6 December, arrived Hampden Roads 3 January 1944 - 113 MV's) - TETCOTT escort destroyer for just one day

9th–12th TOBRUK to BENGHAZI (A/S Patrol) and return to ALEXANDRIA

12th ALEXANDRIA (Departure ?)

13th–16th At ALEXANDRIA (Exercising)

? PORT SAID (Departure 16/12) -

16th–17th Escort to Convoy MKF 27 (Departed Port Said 16 December 1943, arrived Liverpool 4 January 1944) 12 MV's

? ALEXANDRIA (Departure 17/12)


20th AUGUSTA (Departure 21/12)

21st–24th AUGUSTA to ALGIERS

24th ALGIERS (Departure 24/12)


? ALGIERS (Departure 26/12)

26th–30th ALGIERS to PORT SAID - Convoy KMF 27 (Departed Clyde 16 December 1943 Arrived Port Said 30 December 1943) - 19 MV's