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N.B. This chronology is a working document, being added to and amended constantly as and when new information comes to light 


2nd  ‘On completion of satisfactory trials, request C-in-C Portsmouth will send ‘T’ from SCAPA to work-up’ - Ship Commissioned at COWES

2nd-20th Trials at COWES and PORTSMOUTH

13th  ‘Sail for SCAPA to work-up’

15th  ‘From C-in-C Portsmouth: - Sailing of ‘T’ is postponed.’

 ? PORTSMOUTH (Departure 21/12)

21st  To SCAPA

21st-23rd  PORTSMOUTH to SCAPA

23rd   Collision with HMS HEARTSEASE 00:25 - the Captain of HEARTSEASE - Lt Cmdr John Albert Baragwanath (appointed to HEARTSEASE July 1941) - was found to be totally at fault and relieved of command, and appears to have been appointed to a shore role for the remainder of the war

24th–8th January  At GOUROUCK & GREENOCK for temporary repairs

25th  ‘From F.O. i/c Glasgow:- Vessel is not seaworthy, badly holed 5 feet 3” below water line.  Docking imperative; repairs will take 4 to 5 weeks’

26th  ‘From F.O.i/c Glasgow: - Messr’s Scotts of Greenock will patch up vessel sufficiently for her to make voyage to another port’

28th  ‘From F.O.i/c Glasgow:- ‘T’ will be docked in Messr’s Scotts’ dry dock 2/1/42’

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