28 May 2012 - A New Name Added to the Roll! 

Stoker Alfred George Smith (1910-1974)

An email from Maria Smith to the Archive has led to the addition of another name to the HMS Tetcott Roll.  Uncertain if her grandfather had actually served in Tetcott, by an incredible coincidence we already held a photograph of an individual known to us only as 'Smithy' who Maria was able to confirm is indeed her Grandfather!

Thank you to Maria for contacting the Archive (and also to Alfred's son John for some additional details) - a valuable addition to the archive, and an honour to add Alfred's name to the Roll

Added to 'Identified Officers & Ratings' Page (28 May 2012)

17 April 2012 - Harri Webb (1920-1994)

Welsh Nationalist, Poet, Librarian & Journalist

A passing reference to the poet Harri Webb being a former crew member of HMS Tetcott has, after a little more research, turned out to be quite correct.  Joining the Royal Navy in August 1941, he was posted to HMS Tetcott on her commissioning in December of that year. 

Notably, the collision between Tetcott and HMS Heartsease later that month prompted Webb to write the poem 'The Antennae of the Race'.

Click HERE to read the 'Independent' Obituary of Harri Webb

 Added to 'Other known crew of HMS Tetcott' Page (17 April 2012)

 17 April 2012 - A new name added to the Roll 

Anthony 'Tony' Peter David Dennis 

Telegraphist - HMS Tetcott 1943-1944

Grateful thanks to his step-grandson Matt for sending this photograph and Tony's details - a valuable addition to the archive

Added to 'Identified Officers & Ratings' Page (17 April 2012)

 7 April 2012 - We welcome a 'new' Tetcott veteran


 Eric Bush

AB QR3 - HMS Tetcott Jan-Aug 1943 and LS QR2 - HMS Tetcott July 1944-May 1945

Born in Warham, Norfolk in 1924 and now of Lynnwood, WA, USA

Click here to read a little more about Eric

We salute you Eric!

 Added to 'Veterans of HMS Tetcott' Page (7 April 2012)

 April 2012 - A new name to add to the Roll

Francis 'Dicky' Dowd (1914-1990)

Acting Petty Officer - HMS Tetcott 1942-1944

Thank you to his son Michael and Grand-daughter Ayshea for sending this photograph and details - a valuable addition to the archive.

Added to 'Identified Officers & Ratings' Page (1 April 2012)

 March 2012 - Two more names to add to the Roll!


Stoker Bill Green and

Able Seaman Louis 'Jammy' Eric Gadpaille (1921-2000)

Grateful thanks to Mr Albert Green (Bill Green's brother) and Michelle Gadpaille (Louis' Gadpaille's daughter) for contacting the website with their details

Added to 'Identified Officers & Ratings' Page (1 April 2012)

Sadly, as many of our old HMS Tetcott friends will know, colleague, great friend and co-author Janet Mason "crossed the bar" on 29th April 2011. 

All who knew Janet will recall her drive and enthusiasm and her amazing ability to engage with everyone she met.

The HMS Tetcott Archive and this website is continued in her memory