Michael Dowd - 29 March 2012

Frank ‘Dickie’ Dowd served on tetcott from may 1942 Feb 1944 acting po moved on to hms cormorant 1944 gib;, he was from leigh lancashire

Chris Locke - 15 March 2012

Hi michael, where was your dad from?


Chris Locke - 15 March 2012

Very sad to here of Janet Mason passing on, we are from Swansea south wales, my dad Stanley Locke served aboard HMS Tetcott he was a signalman on ship, we were on holiday in Devon Nov-2010, we called to the museum to see Janet but she was not working that day, she got to know we were in the Museum and the next thing she was on the phone to us at the Museum, she Invited us (me and the wife) to call to her home for tea, it was lovely talking about the Tecott and Crew, met Peter her Husband, lovely man, Janet will be missed very much


Robert Davenport - 4 July 2011

Very saddened to learn today of Janet Mason's death on 29th May 2011; Janet was always such an enthusiastic supporter of the Tetcott cause and together with Shawn, she made it all happen; Janet will be greatly missed by all those who knew her, but the book and this website are a lasting memorial to her, just as much as the are to Tetcott and her crew; Rest in peace.

John Brooks - 13 September 2010

I have just looked at all the info about our dear ship; Have just come back from George tt memorial, as my father is represented along with some of his momento's; I praise the staff and research of the ships part in the war and thank them for portraying my fathers part on board HMS Tetcott

Tony Roadway - 31 March 2008

Great site for a great ship, my uncle was on the hms prins albert 14 july 1943 , the hms tetcott helped her out that day would love to hear from any crew who remember the prins albert, regards Tony Rodaway


Donald 'Dinky' Dews - 27 December 2007

I served on the Tetcott between 1941 and 1943 as an Able Seaman ( my memory is a bit dodgy ); I am now 85 years of age and have found this web site very interesting and would love to hear from anyone I served with

Michael Downing - 5 December 2007

Wonderful to see your website and my late father's name included; He always spoke proudly of his time on board this vessel; He died in 2001

Ronald Daniels ABST CJX658429 - 7 October 2007 

I served on her from 1944 till she returned to England in 1945; I am now 85years old; i have enjoyed looking at this site it brings back some lovely memories!! I also have a large picture of the whole ships company!!!


Angela nee Carlson - 24 September 2007

My dad Albert S Carlson passed away on jan 15 2002 I nursed my dad with cancer the last two years he was with us ,I still miss him very much ,I have wonderful memories of his navy days as I visited the sailors home club with him four times as he wasnt well enough to go alone I had the privelege of meeting john brooks bill kemp george carter norman docker bill hawksworth ;He enjoyed his reunions and so did I;He used to come out with some stories about Malta and what they all got up to but I wont go into that;I would like to know if tucker is still with us as I belive that he was my dads best man at his wedding

Emily - 10 September 2007

Stanley 'Taffy' Locke is my Buppa! Also on the hms Circe minesweeper; i love him!


Sarah Grant - 6 August 2007

After reading this site, i feel absolutely closer to and have found a more understanding of how honoured i feel being the grand daughter of Albert 'Bert' S Carlson AB who served on board the HMS Tetcott, my grand father passed away, it'll be six years by January 2008, i know he had attended a reunion a good few years ago and i know just how happy he felt to be able to re-unite with fellow shipmates and officers - this is an amazing site; I am extemely proud of my grand father; I would be very grateful if you or anyone could possibly let me have a list of the medals he would have received - i would very much like to obtain a replacement set if it was at all possible


Steve Woodward - 8 May 2007

A very good site and a fitting tribute to a fine little ship Thanks for all the time and effort


Andrea Chambers - 20 April 2007

Very proud to visit this site and read all about the ship my Grandad (Joe Wilson) was a part of

Chris Quirk - 29 March 2007

Excellent site very informative, thoroughly enjoyed it, must get the book now;


Nick Trowbridge, Zurich, Switzerland - 7 February 2007

My father, LRF (Ron) Trowbridge, was a petty office on what he called "the lucky ship" from ?42 - 45; I've been gathering snippets of information on Tettcott for years; I'll now buy the book; Thanks to all involved; My father passed away in 1990, otherwise I'm sure he'd have loved to have come to a reunion;

Geoff Needham - 3 February 2007

Thanks to Janet and Shawn for helping to share the history of this gallant little ship and its valiant crew with the world


Ivan Witton - 1 February 2007

A very interesting, informative and comprehensive web site; Congratulations to the compilers for a splendid job;


Spencer Ripley (Stanley 'Taffy' Locke's grandson) - 21 January 2007

Very proud, Cymru am Byth!

Thomas Cornish - 16 January 2007

Great site, and very interesting story

Spav - 15 January 2007

Nice bit of History


Nick Hewitt - 15 January 2007

Fascinating and well presented - congratulations!


Paul Cornish - 15 January 2007

Excellent stuff!

Samantha Brazier - 11 January 2007

A nice piece of history


Anne Wheeler - 11 January 2007

Good luck with this project - keep the history alive Sparta NJ


J J Brazier - 11 January 2007

Good site, fascinating – Southend-on-Sea uk

Virginia Whitehouse - 11 January 2007

Well done! Thank you for making this information available;
Olympia, WA

K. Ziemann - 11 January 2007

Very interesting; Keep up the good work;


Michael J Brazier - 10 January 2007

It is very rewarding to see this kind of effort keeping important FACTS and history alive; Las Vegas

Graeme Gillespie - 10 January 2007

Very interesting

Dave Smith - 10 January 2007

Excellent work; I found the site both interesting and informative;


Paul Williamson - 10 January 2007

Nice site, very interesting stuff;


Gary Jeffery - 9 January 2007

Very informative and interesting site, top job; Keep up the good work;


Sir Richard Rycroft Bt - 14 December 2006

Well done Holsworthy and particularly Janet and Shawn, your Tetcott archive just gets better and better; Kindest regards, Dick

Liz Curtis - 8 December 2006

Enjoyed the website very much

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